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CIF price of Steam Coal

Posted by rickyreno on September 1, 2010

Steam coal CIF – Price is negotiable
CIF / CFR only by SBLC – Stand by LC

CIF Best price only by SBLC one Year

Kcal ARB 5500 – 5300 / 6300 – 6100
CIF best Price by SBLC is US $ 87 – CIF china port

Kcal 5800 – 5600
CIF best Price by SBLC is US $ 77 – CIF china port
negotiable price SBLC only

FOB Mother Vessel
FOB Mother Vessel LC 100% at sight
LC Transferable ( better ) , LC non transferable ( not better )
We accept cash , get US $ 3 discount for cash ( the best )
( cash mean pay in advance )
We accept SBLC payment too for SBLC 1 Year
We accept SBLC 1 year, get $ 3 discount ( the best )
and get FIX price for our year for SBLC one year
Do you have Funder / Investor ( the best )

WE DO CFR only for Cash Payment TERM / or LC TRANSFERABLE
or you can pay with SBLC one year

You can Contact us any time
in 24 hours
62 813.1401.3305 / 62 817.910.8005
62 815.1151.4343

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