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Posted by rickyreno on May 6, 2008

Protecting computer from virus :

  • Use computer program like macav, avg, norton, or other and make an updatae every time.
  • Backup your system regulary.
  • Do not open the email that the containt is not very important.\
  • Do not open the email that you don’t know the sender.
  • Don’t the email that containt jokes, only picture and from mailling list.
  • Don’t open or download the website that are not very important.
  • Don’t use USB to very computer.
  • ect.

Cause the email, internet and program can be containt a virus.And the virus can make the computer stop and make the data and file broken.

Other topic that can give you more information :

Computer in General :

Computer Knowledge and Geberak Information :

  • Testing Web Speed
    Memperbaiki Windows system
    How to protect computer from virus
    Job Description IT / Mis Department

Delphi Function Tip and Trick

  • Loading and Open Delphi More Faster
    Installing BDE – Borland Data Base Engine without Delphi Application
    Editing memo in Foxpro Dos
    Delphi file manipulation
    Memperbaiki Windows system

Google make you big earn :

  • Free Google Adsense Script
    Put Adsense in the top of Post body

Some Tip To Find Job

  • Tips Menulis Surat Lamaran Kerja Dengan Baik
    Kiat mencari kerja dan mendapatkan perkerjaan dengan cepat
    Tips Mengirim Lamaran dengan Email

More About Google Can Do :

  • Melihat dunia dengan Google Earth
    Memeriksa kesehatan gratis di internet

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